Fake Flipper

A minor glitch that confuses the game into thinking the player has the Flippers, thereby letting them access areas and items that were otherwise Flipperlocked. Typically used as a verb – “I’m going to Fake Flipper into Ice Palace.”

Fake Flipper can only be performed at a screen transition, meaning that some areas that are Flipperlocked cannot be checked by Fake Flippering, like Swamp Palace.

Some of the main reasons to Fake Flipper include:

  • Checking the Hobo item early
  • Setting up Waterwalking to check the Waterfall Fairy Cave and Zora faster
  • Sequence breaking into Ice Palace early

In aLttP Randomizer, it’s important to note that any item obtained by Fake Flippering is technically a sequence break. The way that the item logic is set up in Randomizer is such that you’ll never be required to use a glitch, and Fake Flipper is a glitch. So if you’re looking for the Titan’s Mitts to gain Dark World Access and you’re checking Light World item locations and you haven’t found the Flippers, you can know for sure that the Mitts won’t be located at Hobo for instance, because the game wouldn’t expect you to be able to get there. However, it could still be worth your time to check Hobo because you could find, say, a sword upgrade or another progression item there that could give you an an early advantage.