In reference to aLttP Randomizer, almost always refers to King Zora, who will sell you an item for 500 rupees. However, it should be noted that the enemies that pop up out of the water and hurl fireballs at you are known as Zoras, so a reference to Zoras could also refer to the enemy rather than the more popular usage referring to the location of an item.

Technically Zora is available to be checked as soon as the player acquires either the Power Gloves or Flippers, but with one small caveat: you need to raise 500 rupees in order to earn King Zora’s item. There are a few common ways runners will look for rupees in the early game:

  • Checking all items since they could have rupees, including one item which contains 300 rupees
  • Tree pulls
  • Pulling the shrub off of a Hoarder and hoping for it to throw blue or red rupees
  • Houlihan Room
  • Farming pots (Blind’s Hut is a popular early game location for this)