Terms Still Undefined

Below is a running list of terms that I’ve identified as needing a definition that I simply haven’t had the time to create pages for yet. If you want to help out by contributing definitions, this page is a great place to start. As always, you can use the contact forms on any of the pages to submit information.

To Be Defined:

Official Item Location Names

Light World
Secret Passage
Floodgate Chest (Dam)
Kakariko Tavern
Chicken House
Sahasrahla’s Hut
Kakariko Well
Pegasus Rocks (Bonk Rocks)
Maze Race
Lake Hylia Island
Zora’s Ledge
Flute Spot (Shovel)
Waterfall Fairy

Sewers – Dark Cross
Sewers – Secret Room

Eastern Palace
Cannonball Chest

Desert Palace
Desert Palace Torch

Death Mountain
Spectacle Rock Cave
Spectacle Rock

East Death Mountain
Floating Island

Tower of Hera
Basement Cage (+tile room)

Northeast Dark World

Northwest Dark World
C-Shaped House

South Dark World
Dig Game, Digging Game

Palace of Darkness
The Arena
Stalfos Basement
Dark Basement
Dark Maze

Swamp Palace
West Chest
Flooded Room
Waterfall Room

Skull Woods
Bridge Room
Pot Prison
Pinball Room

Thieve’s Town
Ambush Chest
Blind’s Chest, Blind’s Cell

Ice Palace
Spike Room
Freezor Chest
Iced T Room

Misery Mire
Main Lobby
Bridge Chest
Spike Chest

Turtle Rock
Chain Chomps, Chain Chomp Room
Roller Room
Crystaroller Room

Ganon’s Tower
Bob’s Torch
Dark Magician’s Room, Dark Magician Route
Firesnake Room
Hope Room, Left Side Room
Bob’s Chest
Tile Room
Compass Room
Pre-Moldorm Chest

General Terms

Right Side
Left Side
Death Warp
Tree Pull
Mage Seed
Stun Pack/Stun Prize
Commentator’s Curse
Jet Seed

Item Nicknames


Inside Jokes

The Goose is Loose