Spike Cave

Refers to the cave located in the Dark World Death Mountain Wall of Caves containing a long, winding passage of spikes with a large block and an item at the end. In Vanilla aLttP, this cave contained the Cane of Byrna, an optional item that protects Link from harm in exchange for a slow drain of magic.

Spike Cave is accessed by using the Dark World portal surrounded by a ring of rocks up the long ladder of Death Mountain and then jumping off the cliff’s edge onto a small platform with a cave opening. While the Power Gloves are required to access the item at the end of the spikes, getting across the spikes can be done through some combination of the below techniques:

  • Having enough hearts to sustain the damage (amount varies depending on items used)
  • Using the Magic Cape to turn invisible and avoid taking damage
  • Using the Cane of Byrna to become invulnerable to damage
  • Sprinting with the Pegasus Boots when possible (will be interrupted by Link taking damage)
  • Using a Red or Blue potion or Fairy to heal health halfway through
  • Using the Hookshot to help cut down on overall exposure time to the spikes


Outside: Link
Inside: Link

Thanks to H. Herbert-Lovern for providing map links.