Lift Upgrade

Essentially another way to refer to the Titan’s Mitts. In aLttP Randomizer, some items such as swords, shields, mails, and gloves are collected sequentially regardless of the chest collected first. Let’s say that Runner A starts at Link’s House and finds the Power Gloves in Link’s Chest at the start of the game. Runner B starts at Sanctuary and also finds Power Gloves in the Sanctuary chest. When Runner A goes to Sanctuary to check that chest, she will find a Lift Upgrade there; her Power Gloves will be upgraded to Titan’s Mitts. Runner B will also find his Lift Upgrade when he gets around to checking Link’s Chest.

Note that the Titan’s Mitts are required for Go Mode in every seed, which means that finding a Lift Upgrade is essential to every Randomizer seed.