Laser Bridge

Shorthand for a room deep into Turtle Rock containing four treasure chests on narrow, edgeless platforms each placed in front of laser shooting eyes on the walls. A popular, albeit often inconvenient, location for progression items since Turtle Rock contains five items.

Technically, one of either the Mirror Shield, the Cane of Byrna, or the Magic Cape is required by the logic to access the chests on Laser Bridge. However, most runners are skilled enough to employ tactics to avoid the lasers using Pegasus Boots or I-frames from other items like the Hookshot.

Also helpful to collecting the items on Laser Bridge is the “Reset Door” at the bottom of the room. Since it leads to a portion of Turtle Rock located outside of the dungeon, it will act as your respawn point should you die on Laser Bridge, meaning that runners with low health may elect to take a quick detour out and back into Turtle Rock at this point in case they succumb to the lasers.