Keysanity, Key-Sanity

A Randomizer variant. The keys, map, and compass of every dungeon are mixed into the global item pool. When a key or dungeon item is found, a text box will pop up to tell you which dungeon it belongs to, unless it is a key for the dungeon in which it is found.As in no-variant, the keys dropped by monsters or found under jars are not changed.

To make things more complicated, you do not know right away which crystal or pendant is in any dungeon. It is not marked on the map, and the music for each dungeon is randomized. This information is revealed if you find the map for the dungeon. Finding a compass adds a treasure counter to the display while in that dungeon. To help you keep track of all the keys, a graph of dungeons and items is added to the pause screen. The graph shows you how many small keys you currently have for each dungeon, and a checkmark if you have the big key. Hold the Select button to see what maps and compasses you have found.

Keysanity changes much of the logic and invalidates a lot of the assumptions that can be made in no-variant mode. You are less likely to be able to skip chests in a dungeon, since any of them could hold progression. Aghanim’s Tower might need to be worked into your route, because the two chests that normally always hold keys could have other items, and more necessary items in the global pool means it’s that much more likely for Lumberjack Cave to have something important. Further, you need to figure out how many of a dungeon’s small keys you need to find out in the world before you could clear the dungeon in one trip. In the case of Swamp Palace, you cannot get past the first room unless you find the dungeon’s one small key.

Keysanity lends itself to a lot more double- and triple-dipping into dungeons. You may even need to double-dip Ganon’s Tower once you have all the crystals, since the GT big key could be anywhere in the world, and the tool needed to get to it could be in the GT basement.

Keysanity mode is being featured in the SGA Spring 2018 tournament.