Double Chested Fairy

Nickname for the bombable crack located on Dark World Pyramid. Contains two chests with items, hence the double chested part of the term. Contains the Fat Fairy in Vanilla aLttP, so you’ll sometimes hear this location referred to as Far Fairy. Also, as this is a fairy located within the Dark World Pyramid, this item location is sometimes also referred to as Pyramid Fairy.

It’s possible to see the Fat Fairy and throw something into her fountain in an aLttP Randomizer run, but it’s never required. Just walk to the fountain between the two chests. Throwing a bottle in will return it filled with a potion, a fairy, or a bee – always the same within a seed. Almost never used by serious runners but can be nice for casual runs.

To access Double Chested Fairy, you must buy a Super Bomb from the Bomb Shop (the Dark World equivalent of Link’s House). However, the Super Bomb will not be for sale until Crystals Five and Six have been collected. These crystals will have a reddish hue when checked on the map in order to differentiate them from regular crystal dungeons.