Dark World Tour, Lunchbox World Tour

Refers to a strategy where the player takes the locked Purple Chest (aka Lunch Box) in the Dark World version of the Kakariko Blacksmith Shop on a tour of the Dark World, specifically the southwestern portion, before turning it in to the man at the entrance to the Light World Desert. This strategy is used to combine a number of difficult to route checks in a single trip.

Typical stops include Hammer Peg Cave, the Haunted Grove, Stump Kid, the Cave South of the Grove, and Bombos Tablet (if the player has the Book and Master Sword). Very ambitious players may also include the Dark World Pyramid and Catfish but these are typically not included due to their extreme distance from Southwest Dark World. Note that the Digging Game is not able to be completed during the World Tour, so most players will either skip it or initiate it prior to doing the Purple Chest side quest.

Thank you to axeil for suggesting this entry and providing content.