Dark Room

A Dark Room refers to any room in a dungeon or cave where Link would typically need to use a Lantern to navigate through the room. However, due to the nature of Randomizer, it’s quite possible that the player could enter a Dark Room without having found the Lantern yet, meaning that no beacon of light will illuminate Link or his path, and everything will occur in invisible blackness.

Randomizer logic will never require you to go through a Dark Room without the Lantern for progression’s sake. Since at least four dungeons have Dark Rooms (Eastern Palace, POD, Misery Mire, and Turtle Rock), and there are only three pendant, aka non-required dungeons, it stands to reason that the Lantern will technically be required in every seed. However, most skilled runners have practiced exactly what paths need to be taken in various Dark Rooms across Hyrule and will often sequence break their way through these rooms.

There are a few skills runners can use to help them find their way through Dark Rooms without the Lantern:

  • If a sword has been found, it can be charged for a Spin Slash which causes some magical sparkles to emanate off of the player’s sword, which are visible in the darkness.
  • If a sword hasn’t been found, many other items such as the Boomerangs, Hookshot, and Hammer are visible in the dark when used which can help the player to confirm their own position in the room.
  • If the Fire Rod has been found and there’s a torch in the room, the player can use the fire rod to light the torch for temporary visibility.
  • Some Dark Rooms are simple enough that the player can simply memorize exactly where to move, rendering the need to see the player character unnecessary.

Dark Rooms can be found in the following locations:

  • Hyrule Castle Escape, Sewers
  • Eastern Palace
  • Death Mountain Access
  • Agahnim’s Tower
  • Palace of Darkness
  • Misery Mire
  • Turtle Rock