Agahnim Required, Aga Required, Agaseed

Agahnim Required, Aga Required, or Agaseed (Aga seed) all refer to randomizer seeds in which Agahnim must be defeated in order to access key items to complete a seed. This is a very specific type of seed that can only be brought about in a couple ways:

  • A progression item is located at Lumberjack Cave, which can only be collected once Agahnim has been defeated. Most runners will check this via the back entrance near the beginning of the race.
  • The items required for Dark World Access have not been found in all available Light World item locations, meaning the player must defeat Agahnim to access Dark World and check for more progression items
  • The items required for Dark World Access have been found, but due to lack of the Flippers, Hammer, or Mirror, there is no way to access East Dark World which must contain progression items, so Agahnim must be defeated to access the Pyramid area of Dark World.